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Carpet and Window Cleaning

EBS can bring your carpet "back to life” with its excellent cleaning service or make the externals of your property look new again with a “full service” on your windows and UPVC.
Carpet Cleaner
Professional, affordable, Carpet Cleaning

Show home carpet looking a bit worse for wear due to heavy footfall?
Water leak or spillage in a property prior to being handed over to your customer?
Has somebody walked in without taking their boots off?
We all know it happens, especially on a busy building site. Let EBS take the strain and stress out of your day.
Our quick, efficient and friendly carpet cleaning service will smooth the way to a seamless handover leaving the carpets clean and virtually dry to the touch.

Mud, water, tar and even some types of paint! All can be cleaned by EBS. (Please note: do not try to clean the stain yourself as it generally exacerbates the problem)



Carpet Cleaning

After one clean with our stain removal system

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Property Management?
Property Management
Communal Cleaning
Communal carpet seen better days? Have a look at what we can do above with our "before and after" shots! 

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Property Management
Water fed pole, four-storey, window cleaning
EBS use a long reach window cleaning system. A much safer alternative to climbing up ladders!

Our water is passed through our filtration system. This removes the unwanted minerals from the water negating the need for the windows to be bladed or dried with a leather chamois. The windows dry to a natural crystal clear shine.
We do not clean for private customers but, choose to dedicate our service to the commercial side of our business enhancing our internal cleaning service.

Are the gutters, downpipes, facia boards, soffits and UPVC on your property showing the signs of bad weather or as a result of close proximity to a building site?
Why not try our full external cleaning service to re-engergise your point of sale or the property being handed over to your customer. 

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Window Cleaning
Long-reach Pole